Clarke’s Funeral Directors


Cost of a Funeral

As members of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors we adhere to the Code of Practice and, as such, are required to discuss funeral costs with the family or person making the arrangements at the time of the funeral

Advanced Funeral Planning

It is becoming quite common for individuals to plan for their funeral for the purpose of ensuring their wishes are carried out and to minimise the stress on those left behind in terms of managing the funeral arrangements.


If you would like to discuss Advanced Funeral Planning with us in strictest confidence we will meet with you to talk through your wishes, to advise and assist in whatever way we can.

We will arrange to draw up the details of your wishes for your approval and have them forwarded to your executor/solicitor for the purpose of ensuring your specified wishes are carried out.


Demand for cremation has grown significantly in Ireland in recent times. In many respects it is exactly the same as the more traditional funeral rite, however there are some important and practical differences. When the funeral cortege arrives at the crematorium chapel, there is a short committal ceremony. The ashes may be collected by the family if they wish or by the Funeral Director after three or four days. The ashes are placed in an urn or casket for disposal. The options for disposal are:-

  • Private Disposal
  • Interment or scattering at a garden of remembrance
  • Interment in a columbarium wall

We will arrange and advise you on all the necessary documentation necessary in relation to the cremation.
Please contact us for any queries on cremation.


As professional members of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors, we are fully equipped and carefully manage all aspects of repatriation including:-

  • img-information03Obtaining the necessary documentation
  • Presenting the documentation to procure permits for the destination country
  • Preparing for shipment
  • Completing all travel arrangements
  • Advising on the costs involved

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on Repatriation